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PackshotSpin Jewelry


PackshotSpin Jewelry

Create 360° product photos of hanging jewelry

Designed to create 360° animations and videos of pendants, necklaces and earrings as they hang. The PackshotSpin Jewelry turntable speeds up and slows down between shots to remove vibration and swing. Create, in few minutes, interactive 360° animations and videos to show your jewelry from different angles. The product photography software automates the entire photographic process. No experience required to use the system.


    18 x 18 x 16 cm


    5.1 kg

    Max object weight

    Upright: 2 kg Hanging: depends on accessory - up to 2 kg

    • 360° product photos for hanging jewelry with PackshotSpin Jewelry
    • 360° product photos for hanging jewelry with PackshotSpin Jewelry
    • Packshot Jewelry hanging rotation kit


    • 360° Jewelry photography turntable and software
    • Software controls a compatible camera, lighting, turntable and the whole 360° photo, video, and animation creation workflow
    • Completely automates 360° photo capturing and stitching
    • Works standing and hanging configurations
    • High quality motor removes vibration and shaking
    • Acceleration and deceleration between shots avoid products to swing
    • Creates professional photos, videos and 360 animations of pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets , watches and others
    • Saving file formats: RAW, JPG, PNG, HTML5, TIFF, GIF, MOV, and MP4, 
    • Quickly consistent results
    • Takes between 2 and 1024 high resolution photos per 360°
    • Use with any PackshotCreator photo studio to create product photos on transparent and pure white backgrounds
    • Easy to learn and use
    interactive 360 photos and videos to display jewelry
    hanging 360 rotation kit for spinning jewelry


    • The 360° Jewelry turntable can be used straight-up or to hang jewelry
    • Quality motor control generates gentle rotations with no vibration
    • Center stem design can be used with different accessories
    • Continuous spin mode at three speeds or spin to any angle
    • Turntable speeds and slow downs between shots
    • Highly precise
    • Takes between 2 and 1024 photos per 360°
    • Simple to level
    • Can be used individually or with any PackshotCreator photo studio
    • Power and USB cables included

    Software Features

    PackshotCreator product photography software accelerates and facilitates the whole jewelry photography process

    • Use camera, light, and capture settings to automate and increase visual production consistency
    • Pre-spin, centering, and test shot workflows
    • LiveView feature shows on your monitor screen camera, light and turntable adjustments
    • Click Snap to take a photo or to begin a capture series
    • Multi editing, processing and saving
    • Register and re-apply best camera, turntable, lighting, editing, and saving settings
    • 360° animations are active and optimized for fast viewing on any device
    • Quickly Multi-core photo processing
    • Check out other specific software features…

     Make your jewelry come to life by creating interactive product animations


    Don’t let potential customers guess what your jewelry looks like. Provide them a photo of your product from every angle and allow them to zoom in to look the details closely. Go even further and offer clickable hotspots to give complementary details. Photographing and showing jewelry in 360° interactive views builds customers trust, keeps them engaged, and increases conversion rates. The PackshotSpin Jewelry permits any person from your company to create 360° product videos and animations in seconds.

    spin jewelry combination with 360 photo studio PackshotMacro DL


    With the Hyperocus feature you can finally get rid of the blur effect to a close up photography. It is specifically ideal for the photography of small objects, for macrophotography, or of any other product placed on different levels or horizontally.

    Smart Background Removal 360° AutoPNG & BKG

    Depending on your products' specificities, automatically remove the background of your animations. You can then integrate them in a photomontage or even on an original background. You can save so much time with this handy feature!

    Custom Defined

    You can define in advance several shooting angles and your spinning table will automatically position itself as desired. The process is automatic and precise.