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PackshotMacro DIS – Diamond Imaging Solution


PackshotMacro DIS – Diamond Imaging Solution


360° Loose Diamond and Gemstone Photography Photo Studio with Software

Take professional pictures, interactive 360° animations and videos of loose diamonds and gemstones that display sparkle, brilliance, and fire. Aspiration facilitate to hold the stones up by the girdle or in a reclined position while the product photography software automates 360° image capture from all angles. Photograph arrows and hearts and immediately create visuals of diamonds for B2B and B2C markets. The PackshotMacro DIS features dimmable lighting, presets, and the capability to save and reuse best settings to increase diamond photography productivity and speed and allow any person, regardless of experience, to easily develop and share the professional product photography results.


    53 x 43 x 60 cm


    63 kg

    Light quality

    CRI: 95+ Color temperature: 3000K to 5700K LED lifespan: 50,000 hours

    Max object size

    Top shots: 26 x 26 x 13 cm Side shots: 26 x 26 x 23.7 cm

    • PackshotMacro DIS 360 product studio for diamonds and gemstones
    • PackshotMacro DIS 360 product studio for diamonds and gemstones
    • diamond digital imagery system PackshotMacro DIS
    • PackshotMacro DIS with PackshotSpin jewelery 360 hanging rotation system
    • 360 lightbox for diamonds photography and animation
    • diamond and gemstone 360 photography light box
    • automates 360° image with diamond photography 360 light box light photo studio


    The PackshotMacro DIS is essential if you have a lot of loose diamonds and gemstones to photograph, share and display online. Use it for diamonds and stones of any size, color quality and shape. The product photography software simultaneously control a compatible camera, dimmable LED lighting and the whole 360° product photography process. All the photography changes can be register and reused so users can focus on throughput. Workflows can be create to expand production consistency and automate the photographic process from product placement to sending photos directly to the cloud.

    PackshotMacro DIS jewelery 360 photography studio
    PackshotMacro DIS jewelery 360 photography studio


    The space inside the PackshotMacro DIS was smartly designed to capture and clarify the characteristics of a diamond or gemstone that make it unique. Lighting installation, dimmable LED lighting control, camera distance and angle, turntable angle and spin and background color work all together to provide jewelers consistent and reliable results. The PackshotMacro DIS also uses aspiration to make product placement and centering constant and simple.

    The results can be used to assess and transmit a stone’s features from a technical view or to simply help it sell faster with just the right quantity of sparkles.

    Software Features

    The PackshotCreator photography software works together with each hardware component inside larger workflows in order to accelerate, facilitate and improve the results of loose diamond and stone photography. The PackshotMacro DIS make possible the creation of a great 360° product animation while the software make sure it is completed and delivered to the right destination the simplest, consistent, and fastest way possible.

    Following are some features present on PackshotCreator photography software that benefit the creation of professional photos of diamond and loose stones.

    • LiveView show in real time camera and lighting changes
    • Visualize stones at 5X and 10X zoom
    • Photograph and instantly send 360° photos and videos to the cloud for hosting and sharing
    • Ghost Image guarantee product placement homogeneity
    • Multiple 360° editing and saving


    Multi-products Capture

    In the machine, place your objects to shoot them directly. The software will automatically select and save them in individual files. All of this can be done in just a few clicks.

    Drop Shadows

    With a single software, give your contoured products a texture volume. You can add a cast shadow, with the Drop Shadow function, which will directly take the shape of your product. You could even adjust its opacity and length later on.

    Product Measurement

    From the visual of your photographed object, you are able to measure its size.