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PackshotMacro DL


PackshotMacro DL


Fine jewelry photography photo studio with 360° turntable

Make your jewelry sparkle and bring it to life. Create advanced pictures and 360° animations and videos of fine jewelry for instant use in eCommerce and print. A product photography software controls each feature present in the PackshotMacro DL. Simplify, speed up, and take better pictures of fine jewelry with leading light control, automatic focus stacking, and other jewelry specific and unique features.

Jewelry photography doesn't have to be hard!


    53 x 43 x 60 cm


    38 kg

    Light quality

    CRI: 95+ Color temperature: 3000K to 5700K LED lifespan: 50,000 hours

    Max object size

    Top shots: 26 x 26 x 13cm Side shots: 26 x 26 x 25 cm

    • PackshotMacro DL 360 photo studio for jewelry
    • PackshotMacro DL 360 photo studio for jewelry
    • PackshotMacro DL 360  jewelry photography photo studio
    • PackshotMacro DL 360 product photo studio for jewelry



    • Dimmable LED lighting
    • Changeable Color Temp (3000K to 5700K)
    • 50,000 hour lifespan
    • 95+ CRI
    • 11,400 Lumens
    • 17,7 cm Transparent 360° Turntable (1,36 kg. Capacity)
    • Record video or up to 1024 stills per 360° rotation
    • Define upstream multiple shooting angles
    • Advanced lighting control
    • Dimmable from 1 to 100 %
    • Gradable from all 6 sides
    • Use banks and strips of small LED lights for homogeneous lighting results
    • Comes with a 6500K sparkle light
    • High color precision

    Smart design

    • Easy access to the shooting area
    • Highest reflection control
    • Bottom and background removal
    • Capability of shooting from top and side
    • Front, side, and top doors for easy and fast product loading
    • Fixed, stable system with no shaking or vibrations
    • Ideal size for photographing with fixed macro lenses
    Jewelry product photo studio pure white background
    ring photography on white background


    Reflection and light control are the keys to succeed in photographing jewelry.

    Our customers like and approve our jewelry photography solutions since they are easy to learn and use and rapidly deliver usable results.

    • Exceptional lighting control facilitates jewelry photography
    • LiveView, visualize the result before you even take the picture
    • Photography software automate and speed up jewelry photography
    • Photograph products on pure white backgrounds
    • Edit, process, and save multiple pictures simultaneously
    • Hardware and software work together to advance jewelry photography
    • Creates lifestyle “Try On” videos
    • Repeatable and consistent results
    • Changeable color temperature brings fine results for all colors of jewelry
    • Ideal for websites, advertisements, social media blasts and more
    • Perfect for photographing still photos and 360° animations and videos of earring, rings, necklaces, bracelet, watch and other types of jewelry

    Software Features

    Simple. Simple. Simple. Jewelry photography does not have to be hard or time consuming

    Integrated hardware and software automatic jewelry photography

    •  Photograph products from side and top with transparent or pure white backgrounds
    • Create 360° animations of jewelry on transparent or pure white backgrounds

    Simply place a product inside, adjust camera, lighting and other image capture settings direct from the software. Click Snap. The photo instantly appears on your monitor screen for editing, processing and saving.

    Save and reuse your best camera, light and saving settings

    • Output RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4 files
    • The AfterImage feature ensures increased image consistency
    • The Focus Stacking feature makes sure everything is in perfect focus
    • Makes individual colors pop

    Start creating interactive products animations & videos now !

    watch photograph on black background

    Stored Custom Profiles

    All your profiles (editing, shooting and exports of image files) by type of products are stored. Moreover, your shooting (light temperature and intensity), adjustments of position (ghost image), and touch ups can be exported and saved into your library, to be used again at any time.

    Custom Defined

    You can define in advance several shooting angles and your spinning table will automatically position itself as desired. The process is automatic and precise.


    With the Hyperocus feature you can finally get rid of the blur effect to a close up photography. It is specifically ideal for the photography of small objects, for macrophotography, or of any other product placed on different levels or horizontally.