3D Product Photography Test Collection by Packshot Automated 2D, 3D and 360° Product Photography Solutions





Create 3D spherical & hemispherical photographies of Jewelry products

By adding a 3D Rail to a PackshotMacro DL or PackshotMacro DIS photo studios, several new product display options become available. The 3D system makes it easy to find the best angle for still, 360 animation and video capture. In addition, new PackshotCreator software workflows are opened for capturing and stitching of interactive hemispherical and spherical product animations. The 3D Rail was built for use with the best cameras and macro lenses available. It serves to take the expression of fine jewelry to the next level.

Movement range

Manual movement from 0 to 90°

  • 3D system for jewelry spherical and hemispherical product animation
  • 3D system for jewelry spherical and hemispherical product animation
  • photographies of Jewelry products with 3D system
  • 3D product animation system by PackshotCreator


  • The 3D Rail seamlessly Mounts on the PackshotMacro DL and PackshotMacro DIS
  • New Software Workflows for 3D shooting, stitching and product display are opened
  • Users can create interactive hemispherical and spherical  jewelery product animations with zoom at each angle
  • 3D views can have up to 10 rows and 800 Images
  • The camera can be moved up and down the fixed radius from 0 to 90°
  • Quickly find the best angle for still, 360 and video capture
  • The rail is ideal for capturing sequences of still photographs from multiple angles
  • Increased repeatability and consistency between each shots
  • All the same benefits of the PackshotMacro DL with increased product display flexibility
  • Responsive HTML5 output optimized for mobile viewing
  • Free HTML5 implementation guide and plug-ins for major eCommerce stores
  • 3D product animation system by PackshotCreator


    Excellent for displaying rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and other jewelry products from multiple angles.

    • This solution allow to display more informations
    • It increase consumer trust
    • Increase online sales
    • Reduce products returns
    • Easy to learn and use

    3D spherical/hemispherical animation

    Combine the MacroSphere system with the PackshotMacro DL or DIS photo studios and create hemispherical or spherical animation of jewelry products. PackshotCreator, product photography software synchronizes the rotation of the turntable with the shooting of the cameras.

    Stored Custom Profiles

    All your profiles (editing, shooting and exports of image files) by type of products are stored. Moreover, your shooting (light temperature and intensity), adjustments of position (ghost image), and touch ups can be exported and saved into your library, to be used again at any time.

    Custom Defined

    You can define in advance several shooting angles and your spinning table will automatically position itself as desired. The process is automatic and precise.