3D Product Photography Test Collection by Packshot Automated 2D, 3D and 360° Product Photography Solutions

PackshotSphere X10


PackshotSphere X10


Create 3D product photography

Create in few minutes 3D products photos in interactive hemispherical and spherical formats. The PackshotSphere X10 synchronizes picture taking from up to 10 cameras and 360° turntable rotation to create a “Turnkey” workflow where image capture, processing, editing, stitching and saving are entirely automated. The software automates the entire photographic process. Once adjusted, this system does not require the user to lean or regulate the cameras again – just place a product and streamline 3D product photography.


    255 x 92 x 245 cm


    340 kg

    Light quality

    CRI: 95+ Color temperature: 5700K LED lifespan: 50,000 hours

    Max object size

    210 x 137 cm

    Shooting radius


    • 3D product photography system PackshotSphere X10
    • 3D product photography system PackshotSphere X10
    • PackshotSphere X10 multiarm system for 3D product photography
    • 3D product photography in interactive hemispherical and spherical formats
    • hemispherical and spherical formats for 3D products photos
    • interactive hemispherical and spherical 3D formats for products photography
    • create 3D product photography in interactive hemispherical and spherical formats
    • 3D hemispherical and spherical formats for products images with PackshotSphere X10


    • Patented technology. Entirely automates the creation and 3D stitching of interactive hemispherical and spherical product photos
    • Takes up to 800 pictures in up to 10 rows
    • Software controls the entire process – from automatically capture and product placement to stitching and uploading directly to the cloud
    • Compatible cameras shoot in sync with the movement of the turntable
    • Control up to 10 cameras simultaneously
    • Hoist Platform provides a natural looking 3D results
    • Output JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, HTML5, GIF, MOV, and MP4 files
    • Creates 3D product photos with any lighting when used with a PhotoCapture 360° turntable
    • Make 3D product photos on pure white backgrounds when used with a PackshotCreator R3, PackshotStudio Multi-Side or PackshotSpin turntable
    • Creates as well still photos, video and 360° product animations
    • Saves and re-applies best settings for accelerate productivity
    • Multi editing, stitching and saving
    • Easy to learn and use
    3D product photography exemple
    Spherical product animation with PackshotCreator


    • Patented hardware design
    • Large, durable MultiArm rig with 165 cm shooting radius
    • Works with any PackshotCreator's 360° turntable
    • Photograph products with up to 10 cameras simultaneously
    • Quickly creates a hemispherical view in one rotation
    • Hydraulic hoist facilitates the shoot of tall products 
    • Keeps cameras equidistant. No readjusting required
    • Each arm contain a power, USB 3.0 and a shutter release cable
    • Wheels for moving and legs for leveling
    • Universal tripod heads feature inclined, landscape and portrait positioning
    • Simple to assemble and excellent craftsmanship

    Software Features

    • Ideal for eCommerce, archival, photogrammetry, and quality control
    • Developing 3D product photography can feature hotspots, hyperlinks, wide zoom and others
    • Creative domination over look and movement of product animations
    • Standard HTML5 output with plug ins ready for use in main eCommerce platforms
    • 3D animations can be played and viewed in any browser and online, locally or on a network

    Spherical and hemispherical animations

    To accelterate the multi-view shooting, shoot automatically and simultaneously several cameras, and obtain up to 1800 HD views of your product in just a few clicks.

    File name

    To organize better your files, automate the name a series of images: first determine your image's syntax (main name and rank) and then their placement in the storage.

    Stored Custom Profiles

    You can save all your profiles, (shooting, editing and exports of files) in an unlimited way, by type of products. You can also save your ajustments of position, editing, shooting and export, in your library.