Photography solutions for furniture & home decor products

In order to surpass the competition, furniture businesses need visuals that stand out and build powerful brand identity. Since customers who buy online cannot directly touch or see the products, it is essential to provide rich and professional photos or interactive visuals of your furniture.


create still photos & interactive 360° animations for home goods and decoration
Create still photos & interactive 360° animations of all your home goods

Became furniture photographer with our product photo solutions. PackshotCreator automated photo studios allow the shooting of furniture and home décor of all sizes. Our hardware and software work together to streamline your production and allow the creation of still photos, multiple views, hemispherical, spherical and 360° animations.

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Dedicated features & its benefits for photographing furniture
  • When photographing your product in multiple angles, use Custom Define feature to define in advance the desired angles.


  • With the Hyperfocus feature in PackshotCreator software, each item in your product arrangements will be shown in clear and precise vision.


  • Create a 360° animation of a sofa, coffee table, bed and others with Video Sampling. This feature records a video of your product and then let you extract the number of pictures wished to create an animation.


  • Easily shoot your home décor products and furniture on pure white or transparent backgrounds. While the Highlight feature helps you to obtain a pure white (255, 255, 255), the AutoPNG feature automatically create a transparent PNG file of your product.

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Reduce travel logistics and the work of assembling and disassembling furniture, all of which entail additional costs: acquiring an in-house imaging system reduces round trips and allows greater responsiveness for e-commerce and internal communications. Furthermore, new types of online furniture retailers have conquered the market by cutting back costs by eliminating physical distribution networks and adding new logistical, software, and marketing processes.

“We create still photos and 360° for our website. We receive new items every day, responsiveness is paramount. With the PackshotSpin, we place the product; the camera shutter is directly linked to the software and in a couple of seconds: you get a photo. It’s an incredible time saver!”

- Gwendoline Chopineau, Webdesigner,




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