Packaging plays an important and decisive role in a consumer first encounter with a product. They provide and assure product safety, brand visibility, and shelf life. With PackshotCreator product photo solutions you are able to show your products packaging in the most advanced and intuitive ways. 

Packaging product photography with PackkshotCreator

PackshotCreator photo studios allow you to create still photos, multiple angles images, 360° videos and animations, as well as hemispherical and spherical formats. Our hardware and software syncs up with your workflow automating and making product photography easy.

Packaging product photography and animation on white background by PackshotCreator

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Features & benefits for packaging products photography
  • The dimmable 100% LED lighting system on our photo studios was designed to produce professional quality photos and eliminate unwanted reflections on the reflective surfaces commonly seen in packaging, including chrome coatings, reflective ink, blister packs, and others.


  • The AutoPNG feature lets you photograph your product and automatically knockout its background. This feature was smartly designed to immediately detect the contours of a product, automatically remove its background, and instantly create a transparent PNG file of your product. 


  • Accelerate your visual production by saving your settings with the Stored Custom Profiles feature. All the photographic settings, such as capturing, processing, editing, and exporting are savable and reusable in an unlimited way.


  • Obtain homogeneous results when shooting your packaging goods: place a product in the studio and add a Ghost Image. Then remove it and use this transparency to place the next product in the exactly same position. This Ghost Image feature when applied, instantly creates a transparency of your products position. It is an essential feature if you are shooting a series of products of same category since it respect proportions, margins, and positions.

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High requirements, high benefis: a testimonial from packaging business: 

As a packaging business, when you are monitoring your design process, how do you ensure that nothing slips between the cracks? From the design stage to printing and assembling your model, PackshotCreator solutions lets you carry out the whole design monitoring process remotely, no matter how far away you may be from your clients:

“Our customers sell luxury goods. Studies on this very demanding industry have shown that packaging is a determining factor in the sales process for 60% of customers! We used to have to make these inconvenient return trips to the Post Office to communicate with our clients. Digital photographs were unsatisfactory because of issues with lighting and reflections. To validate each step when working with our clients at a distance, we needed a way to take professional quality photographs to a high degree of precision, with good lighting and no reflections. The controlled lighting and the PackshotCreator software gives us highly precise images that we can send to our clients with ease through the computer. This way we can quickly enact any changes they request so our results are as close possible to flawless.”

- Patrick Lavara, packaging design at Director of Quality Control.


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