Ever since the first reality TV cooking shows appeared, the culinary arts have been in the spotlight. With a market share of over 600 billion euros, the cooking and tableware industry is producing an increase amount of entrepreneurship and communications. Precision and detail are two essential elements in the presentation of food product photography. There are strict labelling standards for pre-packages goods, and some elements like ingredients, origin, weight, and lot number must be visible to the consumer. Furthermore, the public’s growing awareness of the importance of a healthy, balanced diet has made consumers more discerning about their food choices.

tablewear & culinary photography and 360° animation solutions

Our photo studios together with our powerful software allow you to take professional photos of your culinary and tableware supplies. Either you are creating still and multi angles photos, or 360° videos and animations and 3D product views: PackshotCreator streamlines product photography results. Our solutions increase productivity and give you interactive and unique ways of presenting your products. Save and reuse settings such as camera, lighting, editing and exporting in an unlimited way. Export multiple files in several formats simultaneously with one click. Apply the same editing at the same time to all of your visuals. With PackshotCreator, possibilities are infinity.  

Culinary packaging still photograph on white background

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Features & benefits for tablewear & culinary photography 
  • The Hyperfocus allows you to obtain 100% clear photographs for all your products and arrangements, like images of a gourmet gift basket and each of its items. This feature on PackshotCreator software takes several photos of a product on different focus point. It then automatically combine these images producing a single photo of your product entirely sharp.


  • With our software, the LiveView feature lets you adjust your camera and lighting settings, positioning and cropping so you can compose your image as close as possible to the final result. See the results before even take the pictures.


  • Increase uniformity on your product photography by memorizing angles, margins and positions of your tableware inventory, kitchen utensils, food products, arrangements of pastries and others. The Ghost Image feature creates a transparency of a photographed product allowing you to place the next goods on the exactly same position.


  • Photography several aliments and culinary supplies simultaneously and get individual photos for each item placed on your photo studio. After shooting multiple products together, the Multi Product Capture feature automatically crop and create a single file for them. As a result, you save a huge amount of time

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Our photography studios and their operating software assist the user at every step of the way, from object placement to exporting image files. They are the perfect tool for photoshoots of cooking utensils and accessories, arrangements of place settings featuring tableware and glassware, etc.

“Embanet is an ecommerce business specializing in the table arts, and dishware in particular. We have an obligation to provide our customers with high quality professional photographs so they can evaluate our products at their true worth. In addition to bringing the creative process in-house, we have saved a non-negligible amount of time. PackshotCreator allows us to shoot all our products without any knowledge of photography and still get high quality results.”

- Patricia Suchier, manager of Embanet

“With our PackshotCreator photo studio, we create three visuals/views per product (three different angles) for our 1,000 references with baffling simplicity and speed, and no editing is necessary”.

Nathalie Faller, excutive director at Dragées Faller


PackshotOne Mark II still photo studio by PackshotCreator
PackshotCreator Mini Mark II product photo studio
PackshotCompact product photo studio