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PackshotAlto Mark II


PackshotAlto Mark II


360° product photo studio

PackshotAlto Mark II features advanced LED studio lighting, an assembled motorized turntable and product photography software. This 360° product photo studio is compatible with Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, users can easily capture, create, edit, and save professional still photos and 360° animations and videos of products. The powerful software facilitates and accelerates the entire photographic process providing excellent and consistent product photos. Shoot 360° product animations and videos with the automatic turntable and obtain pure with backgrounds. Flexible and durable to hold up to 136 kg. Save simultaneously the visuals in multiple formats with PackshotOneClick.


    115 x 115 x 202 cm


    242 kg

    Light quality

    CRI: 95+ Color temperature: 5700K LED lifespan: 50,000 hours

    Max object size

    Side shots: 84 x 84 x 163 cm

    • PackshotAlto Mark II 360 products photo studio
    • PackshotAlto Mark II 360 products photo studio
    • 360° product photo studio for models PackshotAlto Mark II
    • PackshotAlto Mark II Large 360 photo studio
    • Packshot Alto Mark II XL 360 photo studio with LED studio lighting
    • 360 Photography Light Box
    • 360° product photo studio
    • Packshot<em>Alto</em> Mark II


    Independent large 360° photo studio

    • Assembled 360° turntable – 56,9 cm platform, 136 kg capacity
    • Dimmable (5700K) LED lighting from multiple angles

    Easy to use – place the product inside the studio, use the LiveView to preview the  adjustment of camera settings, light intensity and turntable positions. Press snap. The picture instantly appears on your screen.

    Multi-editing, settings and saving workflows

    360 large scale photo studio software controlled
    LED lighting system PackshotAlto 360 photo studio


    • Hardware and software work together to automate product photography
    • No experience needed
    • Photograph products on transparent and pure white backgrounds
    • Save and re-apply camera, lighting; turntable, editing, and saving settings over time
    • Rapid and consistent results time after time
    • Precise color
    • Ideal for photographing models and mannequins
    • Small footprint
    • Livelight brings the best light for products
    • Decreases and eliminates image editing
    • Consistently visual production
    • Pictures in formats JPG, PNG, RAW, TIFF
    • 360° product animations and videos in formats HTML5, MOV, MP4 and GIF 

    Software Features

    Show your products in 360° 

    The PackshotAlto Mark II allows any employee to create 360° products animations or videos in few minutes. Save and reuse the best lighting, camera, turntable and animation settings to create automatically the attention and impression desired for your products. Show your products more successfully and expand conversions when selling online by eCommerce.


    Preview and control the result of your visuals on your screen. There are no technical manipulations necessary on your equipment or photo camera. This is the case because, the entire photography and post-photography process is controlled from the software interface.

    Custom Defined

    You can define in advance several shooting angles and your turntable will be automatically positioned on the desired angles. There is no need to manipulate the product since the process is automated and precise.

    Simultaneous 360° background removal

    When creating 360° product animations you can export the image files to a transparent and/or pure white background. All 3 in one operation!