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LuminaPad+ Mark II


LuminaPad+ Mark II


Flat photography of apparel & fashion accessories made simple

The LuminaPad+ Mark II is faster and unique solution for photographing clothes and fashion accessories. This flat photography LED table saves major time and money with every type of product shot you take. Simply photograph several garments per day with precise color, quality and consistent results. No longer needed to style mannequins. The LuminaPad+ Mark II comes with a software that controls light and camera settings, as well the entire photographic process. Easily shoot products on transparent or pure white backgrounds and automate image processing and saving. It not only allows fast and simple flat clothing photography, but also side shots of fashion accessories.


    137 x 215 x 95 cm


    417 kg

    Light quality

    CRI: 95+ Color temperature: 5700K LED lifespan: 50,000 hours

    Max object size

    Top shots: 125 X 185 cm Side shots: depends of the angle

    • flat photography LED table for clothing and accessories
    • flat photography LED table for clothing and accessories
    • Photo studio for flat photography of clothing and fashion accessories
    • Photo light table for flat lay photos of clothing and accessories


    Consisting of a 125 X 185 cm shooting space, professional enclosed lighting and product photography software, the PackshotCreator LuminaPad+ Mark II works in combination with a compatible camera to automate and facilitate image capturing, preparing, editing, and saving. Simply put the product in the studio and control the entire photography process through the software. 

    Use unique features that make front and back shots of clothing simpler, faster and consistent.

    Ideal for individual garment and flat lay photography.

    • RAW, JPG, PNG, TIFF, MOV and MP4 file formats
    • The Vertical Kit (sold separate) enables photographing mannequins and models

    Combine with a PackshotCreator LiveStudio light kit to automate apparel photography on mannequins and models

    Flat lay product photography on pure white background


    Increase clothing and fashion accessory photography speed

    • Save time and money with each photo you take
    • Get rid of almost all post-editing
    • Get precised colors results
    • Take several products photos per day
    • Expand product's consistency
    • Computer-controlled photography
    • Any person can be trained to use It, no experience needed
    • Automatically remove the backgrounds of product photos
    • Easily photograph products on pure white backgrounds
    • Show the entire garment and its design details with only one system

    Software Features

    • Live Preview
    • Exceptional dimming
    • PackshotCreator LiveLight – guide to photograph products in the best light
    • Dim one or several lights at the same time
    • Stored Custom Profiles feature – create and re-use over time settings profiles
    • PackshotOneClick - save your photos in multiple formats with one click
    • Multi Editing feature – add levels, brightness, contrast, curves, saturation, sharpness,white balance and more to multiple pictures simultaneously 
    • Control camera and light settings straight from the monitor screen
    • AutoMask feature – automatically remove the background of product photos
    • Ghost image feature - increase products position consistency
    Background removal for clothes photography

    Multi-products Capture

    In the machine, place several objects and shoot. The software will select and save them in seperate files, automatically. All of this can be done in just a few clicks.

    Drop Shadow

    With this feature, give your contoured products some volume texture. With the Drop Shadow function, you can add a cast shadow that will automatically take your product's shape. You can even adjust its opacity and length later on.

    Product Measurement

    From the visual of the photographed objects, you can directly retrieve their measures and size.