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PackshotDual Capture


PackshotDual Capture


How to create dual-row 360° product animations?

The PackshotDual Capture works with any PackshotCreator solution that has a turntable to create dual row 360 degree product views. Dual row product views are more flexible and offer potential customers more information than a regular 360 animation. Just move the mouse up or down to see and interact with a completely different 360 view. PackshotDual Capture utilizes both hardware and software working together to create these advanced results. DualView works best for products that benefit from begin shown from two angles or in two configurations.


69.7 X 85 X 205 cm Top arm max lenght : 55.1 cm Bottom arm max lenght: 25.9 cm

  • Dual Capture system for 360° product animation
  • Dual Capture system for 360° product animation
  • 360° product animation dual capture system by PackshotCreator
  • 360 product animation system with dual product capture
  • 360° PackshotDual Capture


Perfect solution for showing products in different configurations

  • Automate dual row 360 capture and stitching
  • Increased product display flexibility
  • Streamlined dual row product image capture Workflows
  • Responsive HTML5 output pptimized for mobile viewing
  • Free HTML5 implementation guide and plug-ins available for major eCommerce stores
  • Roll dual view in place and lock caster wheels
  • Built-in Rulers for adjusting and reusing camera height and distance
  • Strong aluminum structure
  • Adjust height and camera location on each Arm
  • Power plugs for camera AC power adaptors on each arm
  • Features long power and USB 3.0 cords
  • Velcro cord management strips
  • Great for products of all sizes
  • Works with all PackshotCreator equipment with a 360 turntable
  • Integrates PackshotDual Capture system into PackshotCreator software (No download required)
360 dual view product animation system
360° product animation with PackshotDual Capture


Works for products capture in Every Industry

  • Show more of your products
  • Increase consumer trust
  • Increase online sales
  • Reduce returns
  • Easy to learn and use

Custom Defined

You can define in advance several shooting angles and your spinning table will automatically position itself as desired. The process is automatic and precise.

360 background removal

Automatically remove the background of your 360° animations in one or two steps, depending on their specificities. Integrate them in a photomontage or a personalized background: the time saving is incomparable.

Profile HTML5

PackshotCreator‘s software gives you innumerable opportunities for you 360° views. You can define its rotation parameters, add a magnification tool or customizing buttons such as play/pause, and several other options.