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PackshotStudio 360


PackshotStudio 360


Heavy duty 360 product photography system

Use the PackshotStudio 360 to create still photos and 360° animations and videos of large and heavy products. The bottom lit turntable, product photography software and a compatible camera work coordinated to smoothly and continuously take pictures and transform them into 360° products views.



216 x 165 x 245 cm


408 kg

Light quality

CRI: 95+ Color temperature: 5700K LED lifespan: 50,000 hours

Max object size

Side shots: 100 x 100 x 82 cm 360 shots: 80 x 208 cm

Max object weight

199 kg

  • PackshotStudio 360 to create still photos and 360° animations and videos of large and heavy products
  • PackshotStudio 360 to create still photos and 360° animations and videos of large and heavy products
  • product photography system for large and heavy products
  • 360 product photography system PackshotStudio 360 by PackshotCreator
  • product photography system PackshotStudio 360
  • Packshot<em>Studio</em> 360


  • Heavy duty 360° product photo studio
  • Built-in 360° turntable – patented, bottom lit, edge-driven and transparent
  • Advanced lighting control
  • Dimmable from 1 to 100 %
  • Great dimming control from the front right, front left, top, bottom, and back 
  • Repeatable and consistent results
  • High color precision
  • Whole system can be enclosed
  • Quick 360° photos capture
  • Top and front light areas are completely adjustable
  • Take still and 360° product shots on transparent or pure white backgrounds
  • Create standard and interactive videos and animations
  • Accelerate and increase product photography consistency
  • Save files in RAW, JPG, PNG, TIFF, HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4 formats
  • Limitless applications and product display options
  • Ideal for website, catalog, advertisements, social media and more.
white background product photography
background automated removal with PackshotStudio 360


To increase productivity, the software controls camera, lighting; turntable, editing, stitiching, saving, and publishing, facilitating the entire visual creation workflow

Use it to get creative or put in 8 hours a day working a standard operating procedure. Create profiles and reuse them to increase and accelerate productivity.

Software Features

We have facilitated the whole 360° creation workflow

This bottom lit turntable and lighting system makes the creation of 360° product animations and videos easy. Get professional tremendous results. No skills or experience is need in order to use the PackshotStudio 360. Anyone can simply create web-ready pictures or interactive 360° animations and videos of products. The process takes minutes. The included photography software offers innumerous ways to show your products more adequately and your visuals can be instantly saved to the cloud for immediate use and sharing.  


The AutoMask feature, has been created to provide an intuitive and perfect background removal of any complex product: transparent, with a reflection on a transparent or white background.


You can adjust the intensity of the light in your photo studio through the software. Visualize your product in real time and adjust the light accordingly to obtain the best rendering. The light is under your directives and not the other way around.

Stored Custom Profiles

You can save all your profiles, (shooting, editing and exports of files) in an unlimited way, by type of products. You can also save your ajustments of position, editing, shooting and export, in your library.