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PackshotSpin O6T+


PackshotSpin O6T+

360° product photography turntable

Create 360° views of products to make your website more entertaining and to give more product information to customers. The large 360° PackshotSpin O6T turntable, include a product photography software which controls a compatible camera to automate and make 360° product photography easy.



60 x 60 x 23 cm


28 kg

Max object weight

272 kg

  • PackshotSpin O6T 360 tunrtable for product photography
  • PackshotSpin O6T 360 tunrtable for product photography
  • 360° product photography turntable
  • Spin O6T 360 packshot turntable for e-commerce products 360 views


The photography software synchronizes image capturing with the turntable movement to record videos or to take up to 1024 photos per rotation. Users can immediately create video and interactive 360° product animations in HTML5, GIF, MOV, and MP4 formats or export single frames in JPG, RAW or TIFF.

The 360° product photo software (Mac / Windows) controls the whole photographic workflows

  • Automates 360°  photo taking editing, stitching and exporting
  • Gentle and accurate rotation to any angle. Takes up to 1024 pictures per 360°
  • Quick and consistent results
  • Fully control of camera and light with live preview
  • Interactive 360° animations can be displayed on all browsers

No experience needed. Anyone can use it to create several product visuals per day

grim 360 turntable for product photography
360° product photo turntable PackshotSpin


  • Power-driven large 360°  product photography turntable
  • Software controls turntable via USB
  • Capacity pf products up to 272 kg. 
  • Aluminum frame
  • 60 cm shooting platform (bigger platforms can be connect)
  • Fast, gentle, and accurate rotation to any angle
  • No vibration. Designed to provide platform resistence and even weight allocation
  • Simple product centering
  • Accessory friendly. Use with big platforms and product stands
  • Manufactured by PackshotCreator Technologies.

Software Features

  • Product photography software controls camera settings and coordinate movement of turntable with picture taking. The LiveView feature permits you to fast center and compose. Click Snap to record a video or stake up to 1024 photos per rotation. Automatically crop and multiple edit the pictures you take.
  • 360° stitching software create 360° product videos and animations in HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4. Select the interactive look and controls such as play, pause, zoom buttons. Add watermarks, social media links, animation movement and more.
  • Increase visual production speed and consistency. Save your best settings at each step as a profile. Reuse them to automate production workflows.

 Make products on your website interactive

Give customers a 360° video or animation of your product

Our 360° turntables and software simplify the creation of 360° views of products to any employee, dispite their experience. By saving and repeating your best settings, several of 360° animations and videos can be made in a day. The 360° animations, gifs and videos you created are responsive for desktop and mobile viewing and simple to share online.

Custom Defined

You can define in advance several shooting angles and your spinning table will automatically position itself as desired. The process is automatic and precise.

Stored Custom Profiles

You can save all your profiles, (shooting, editing and exports of files) in an unlimited way, by type of products. You can also save your ajustments of position, editing, shooting and export, in your library.

Simultaneous 360° background removal

When creating 360° animations you can export the image files to a transparent and/or pure white background. All 3 in one operation!